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Aluminium Profile Extrusion Production Line

Aluminium Profile Extrusion Production Line

Product Abstract:

Complete Aluminium alloy Profile Extrusion Production Line; Professional suggestions for aluminum extrusion press model selection; Free plant layout arrangement design; Free technical personnel training. Origin: Foshan of China
Product Description

Aluminium Profile Extrusion Production Line


Aluminum Profile extrusion production line can produce and extrude following aluminum product:

1) Architectural, building material for window and door, curtain wall, buckle material, heat insulting off-bridge and so on;

2) Industrial for heat sink, big aluminum billet to extrusion small aluminum rod, square aluminum rod, air conditioning refrigeration material and so on.

3) Automotive aluminum alloy profile for car;

4) Aluminum trim for furniture, bathroom, bags, home appliance, aluminium tile trim, wooden floor trim, stairs edge trim, door edge trim and so on

5) Guardrail profile, slatted shutter for rolling, aluminium ladder and so on;

6) Aluminum wire, one die (mould) extrusion eight pieces of aluminium rods by one time drawing;

7) Others like badminton racket......

Now we focus on the aluminum extrusion press for reducing failure rate, increasing the extrusion speed, reducing the power consumption for energy saving and increase the product output for benefit client't profit.



One of our Chinese clients mainly produces 0.3mm~0.8mm aluminum profiles, one 600T aluminum extrusion press can produce around 2.5T~2.8T aluminum profile per 12 hours (12 hours as a shift at China)  One client, 600T aluminum extrusion press with experiences workers, one piece of 6meters aluminum profiles, weight is 4g. The day output of aluminum extrusion profile is 5T~5.2T (24 hours). 

The main equipment for complete aluminum profile extrusion production line:
1.  Aluminum billet smelting and casting plant
     1)  Aluminium melting furnace
     2) Aluminium hot dross recycling machine
     3)  Aluminium billet casting table (hot top)
     4)  Refining bin ALTIN boron machine
     5) Windlass machine
     6) Water recycle system
     7) Filter & launder

 (A) Aluminum profile extrusion plant
      1) Aluminum Extrusion press
      2) Aluminum long log hot shear furnace (multi-log or single log)
      3) Handing system (water quenching or air quenching)
      4) Puller (Single puller or doube puller)
      5) Die (Mould) heating furnace
      6) Aluminum profile aging furnace

   1) Aluminum Extrusion press
   2) Aluminum billet cold shear
   3) Aluminum short billet heating furnace
  4) Handing system (water quenching or air quenching)
  5) Puller (single puller or double puller)
  6) Die (Mould) heating furnace
  7) Aluminum profile aging furnace

3.    Aluminum profile surface treatment plant
Aluminum profile powder coating production line or aluminum profile anodizing line &coloring line, electrophoresis line or Acid brightening line.

The Aluminium extrusion press capacity tonnages:


How to How to pick up a suitable model of Aluminium extrusion press
Welcome to visit our tips for details:   http://www.fsnenghong.com/news/How-To-Choose-A-Suitable-Model-Of-Aluminium-Extrusion-Press--1.html


The Combinatorial Advantage of aluminum profile production line:
1.  The whole aluminium profile extrusion production line equipment is made by different suppliers and we have very good partnership with these equipment manufacturers. We could make best use of these resources to offer you the full aluminium profile extrusion production line equipment with competitive price
2. We are very professional and experienced in the aluminum profile industry. Our general engineers have over 20 years aluminum industry experiences at aluminum profile extrusion factory. We can offer you professional suggestions and advice for the machine selection and plant design.
3. Save the ocean freight. We know each other, so the container which has extra room can be used by other company.
4. We can provide the plant layout design because we know the machine specification.
5. We can supervise the whole manufacturing process and arrange all transportations.
6. Meanwhile, we can supply you all the related spare parts according to your need and requirement.

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