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Gas Nitriding Furnace For Aluminum Extrusion Die

Gas Nitriding Furnace For Aluminum Extrusion Die

Product Abstract:

gas nitriding furnace for hardening aluminum extrusion die

Product Description

Gas Nitriding Furnace For Aluminum Extrusion Die

Vacuum varying pressure nitriding furnace also is vavaible.

The extrusion die works at the condition of strong extrusion force and high temperature, it needs to stand the very strong friction. So after the extrusion die used a certain time, it need to use the nitriding furnace to do hardening process.

Use the ammonia gas as medium

We are specialized in the production of gas nitriding for hardening aluminum extrusion die, we have rich experience of aluminum extrusion die treatment, we can supply the process treatment guidance. 

Application of nitring furnace
This nitriding furnace is a series of batch-type pit-type controlled nitriding furnaces and is used for nitriding metallic tools and dies, camshafts, precision gears, etc.  If this nitriding furnace is equipped with a KRN-W or WPB-N series control panel, the nitriding atmosphere, temperature, operating time, and gas and liquid flow can be controlled automatically.  This series can also be used for various applications including soft-nitriding, tempering, and stress relieving of steel parts, as well as solution treatment of nonferrous metals.
Features of nitriding furnace
1. This nitriding furnace series is furnished with a KRN-W nitrogen potential micro-processor.  It measures, adjusts and records the nitrogen potential, temperature, time, gas and water flow automatically.
2. The unique doubly insulated furnace and circulating fan mechanism allows nitrogen potential uniformity better than ±0.1%, and internal pressure greater than 250 mm H2O.
3. The advanced ceramic tile lining greatly insulates the furnace, significantly speeding heating and thereby saving up to 20% in energy usage.
4. The rapid-cooling fan system shortens the production period greatly.
5. If this nitriding furnace is equipped with a vacuum system, it can be fitted for controlled pulse-nitriding.

The model of gas nitriding furnace

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