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Aluminium Extrusion Press

Aluminium Extrusion Press

Product Abstract:

We are manufacture of 500T~3300T aluminium extrusion machine Professional suggestions for aluminum extrusion press model selection; Free plant layout arrangement design; Free technical personnel training.

Product Description

Aluminum Extrusion Press

Nowadays, Aluminum is widely used in various fields of our life increasingly; Aluminum Profile extrusion production line can produce following items:
1) Architectural, building material for aluminum window and door, curtain wall, buckle material and so on;
2) Industrial for heat sink, big aluminum billet to extrusion small aluminum rod, square aluminum rod to inprove the aluminum density and so on.
3) Automotive aluminum alloy profile for car and others;
4) Aluminum trim for furniture, bathroom, bags, home appliance, aluminium tile trim, wooden floor trim, stairs edge trim, door edge trim and so on
5) Guardrail profile, slatted shutter for rolling, aluminium ladder and so on;
6) Aluminum wire, one die (mould) extrusion eight pieces of aluminium rods by one time drawing;
7) Others like badminton racket......

The Aluminum extrusion press description:

Our aluminum extrusion press is improved through redesigning the structure and replacing important components, the improvements result in a better appearance, better product quality, and easier operation. The related indexes of extruders are comparable to Taiwan high quality extruders. Meanwhile, these series extruders adopt a number of advanced technologies, stable and reliable performance, safety, easy maintenance.

The aluminum extrusion presses which we supply are solid overall structure, stable and reliable performance, sound durability.

The firm and stable enough of extruder can resist the fatigue of  long time running (the aluminum extrusion press is running day and night at China) and prolong the lifespan of machine.

The feature of our aluminum extrusion press

1. Hydraulic oil pipe and their structure layout is reasonable, if will be convenience for aluminum extrusion press to maintain.

2. The main cylinder steel material can be selected cast steel or forged steel, but large model of aluminum extrusion press, we reommend to use forged steel. The forged steel not only is good for withstand the high extrusion pressure, but also is good for shippment by the compact structure.

3. The main piston pumps can be selected Lihao made in China or Rexroth made in Germany.

4. The hydraulic system can be selected Taiwan Jeou Gang or Rexroth of Germany

5. Manual or automatic operation is provided. Sectional speed or constant speed is optional.

6. Automatic protection is applied. The electrical part can be selected the touch screen.

7. Mitsubishi programmable controller and pressure transmitter of Swiss are adopted for hard-core.

8. Dummy block can be chosen for Fixed dummy block or loose dummy block with the no dummy blcok or anti-put dummy block protective device.

All of above ensure low trouble shooting rate and high aluminium profile finsied rate and higher safety rate of the aluminum extrusion press 

The technical data of aluminium extrusion press

We have rich models of aluminum extrusion press from 500T to 300T, so how to pick up a suitable model of Aluminium extrusion press? 
Welcome to visit our tips:http://www.fsnenghong.com/news/How-To-Choose-A-Suitable-Model-Of-Aluminium-Extrusion-Press--1.html

If you are the new at the aluminium profile extrusion line, we can supply the professional suggestions for aluminum extrusion press model selection,  the guide and plant layout to help you build your new aluminium extrusion production line.

Welcome to visit our video of aluminum extrusion press in running operation:

800T aluminum extrusion press  http://youtu.be/tQ0ucYk0j2E

1800T aluminum extrusion press http://youtu.be/FbwGq_sCakU

1450T aluminum extrusion press  http://youtu.be/IqkxyACWorI

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