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Aluminum Profile Polishing Machine

Aluminum Profile Polishing Machine

Product Abstract:

Aluminum profile polishing machine is used for polishing aluminum profile surface, eliminating the extrusion lines on the aluminum profile, and brightening the aluminum profiles surface like the mirror.
Product Description

Aluminum Profile Polishing Machine:

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Aluminum profile polishing machine introduction:
With fast development of the aluminum profile extrusion industrial and the decorative aluminum profile be widely used in the interior trim, the development prospect ask for higher and higher requirements of the surface treatment of aluminum profiles. For example, the acid brightening polishing, electrolytic polishing, polishing sliver anodizing, polishing electrophoresis, polishing nickeling and so on. All of these surface process treatments need to be processed by mechanical polishing. Its purpose is to remove the natural oxide film and eliminate the extrusion scratching mark on aluminum profile surface, so aluminum profiles surface can be smooth and shining like as a mirror. After processed by mechanical polishing with different kinds of chemical treatment, aluminum profile surface will have a bright, shinning, smooth surface and look nice luster, beauty. If it is equipped with  aluminum profile coloration treatment, aluminum profile surface can be achieved various beautiful colors; if it is equipped with the acid brightening  treatment, aluminum profile surface will be brighter and more shinning.  So the vaule of aluminum profiles will be increase compare with the normal aluminum profiles.

 Aluminum profile polishing machine not only can be used at the simple and normal building and architectural aluminum profiles, but also can process different kinds of complicated cross sectional aluminum profiles(flat, incline, arc face, tube, with grooves noodles) for furniture, bathroom, bags, home appliance, aluminium tile trim, wooden floor trim, stairs edge trim, door edge trim and other profiles.

Aluminum profile polishing machine not only can process thick aluminum profile material, but also can process very thin and small aluminum profile material like 0.2mm. Most of thin and small aluminum profiles are aluminum trim which the function is for decorating. 

1.The working principle of aluminum profile polishing machine:
The working table drives the work piece by movement forward and backward. The main motor rotates at high speed and drive the cloth wheel. Cloth wheel and profile surface produce the tangential friction. Cloth wheel surface used the polishing wax or flux, thus achieve the aluminum profile surface polishing and sweeping the extrusion lines.
2.The components of aluminum profile polishing machine: Main machine, Rail, Working table, Dust collector, and Electric control box.
3.The technical parameters of aluminum profile polishing machine
1) Overall size: 8000×2500×2500mm (L×W×H)
2) Available aluminum profile size: 6000×700×200mm (L×W×H)  Special order also is available.  
3) Total rail length: 13000mm
4) Polishing cloth wheel motor power: 20KW 2 units
5) Polishing speed: 3-15m/min
6) Dust collector device: one set (power:7.5KW, air blowing rate: 12000㎡/h)
7) Running motor: 1.5KW (frequency conversion, electromagnetic brake)
8) Main electric appliance: Mitsubishi (frequency transformer, contactor, thermal relay)
9) Automatic wax spraying system: 4 pieces of Germany spraying gun, one unit of 60L pressure drum.
10) Total power: 46.75KW

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