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Semi-Automatic Aluminium Hot Dross Recycling Machine

Semi-Automatic Aluminium Hot Dross Recycling Machine

Product Abstract:

Application of aluminum hot dross recycling machine:Mainly used for aluminum ash, aluminum dross, aluminum slag and other non-ferrous metal smelting dross recycling. aluminum dross recycling, aluminum recycling, aluminum recover, aluminum ash recover, aluminum slag recycling, aluminum hot dross extractor, aluminum hot dross separator
Product Description

Semi-Automatic Aluminum Hot Dross Recycling Machine

This equipment comes from our cooperation manufacturer

Aluminum smelting and aluminum fabrication companies, especially aluminum alloy extrusion manufacturing companies will add a variety of solvents and refining agent during the smelting process in order to obtain high quality and high purity aluminum ingot or aluminum alloy. After solid solvent and refining agent melt, they will react with aluminum. But at these melting processes, there are hot dross may contain from 15 to 40% recoverable metallic aluminum and it comprises a fine powder from skimming the molten aluminum. It is an ideal machine at aluminum dross recycling plant. I found the best solution to recycle aluminum dross is hot dross recycling because the aluminum dross would oxidize easily under the air and hot condition for long time. There is one more thing, as we know, when the aluminum smelting, we would feed some refining agent, fluxing agent or covering agent into the melting furnace, these agent will make the aluminum dross contained the K, Na, Ca chloride, if you use the nitrogen filling into the aluminum liquid, it will generate AIN, so if , if the aluminum dross in the presence of water, it will generate the pungent smell ammonia gas, or hydrogen, methane, will cause poisoning or firing.


Aluminum Hot Dross Recycling Machine is mainly used for separating or extracting the aluminum metal form the Aluminum dross or aluminum slag (aluminum waste) or aluminum ash or aluminum skimming, it can reuse the aluminum metal from the aluminum dross to avoid wasting. It is special designed to recovery the hot aluminum dross, aluminum ash, aluminum slag that generated form the aluminum melting furnaces or holding furnace.


Aluminium hot dross recycling machine also can be used at the aluminum billet melting and casting workshop of aluminum profile production line. Usually, the aluminium extrusion factories have their own billet casting workshop for making the aluminium billet. They can make different kinds of alloy fof aluminum billet according to clients' requrement, meanwhile, they can remelt the aluminium scrap which generated the aluminium profile extrusion process. Aluminum hot dross extractor is equipped with the aluminum billet casting plant, it can recycle the hot aluminum waste (around 700 ℃) directly.


The principle of aluminum hot dross recycling machine: take advantage of high temperature situation of the aluminum dross which come from aluminum melting furnace or holding furnace and separate the aluminum fluid and the aluminum waste dross. The stirrer can rotate forward and reversely as well as up and down automatically. Just use the trolley (the dross feeder for transport the hot aluminum dross from aluminum melting furnace to holding furnace) to send aluminum dross to the heat pot of dross machine, then press the button of control panel, the hot dross recycling machine will run automatically. There is a small dust collector can collect the smoke when the machine running, you can connect the dust collector to your big bag type smoke removing machine. 


The feathure of our aluminum hot dross recycling machine:

1. Small equipment investment but large capacity of aluminum dross recycling and high efficiency; can recover 100~200MT aluminum dross in 12 minutes.

2. Low cost of production: use electricity as power and no need for any fuel in the whole process; the machine is semi-automatic, one machine just needs 2 workers to operate.
3. High aluminum recycling rate: the recycling rate can up to 90%
4. Small pollution: the machine is equipped with the dust collector; it can meet the requirement of environmental protection.
5. Simple production process: just put the hot aluminum dross into the hotpot of main machine for separating, then use control panel to control the machine, no need manual operation in the intermediate process.  Save time and save labor, easy to operation.
6. The aluminum ingot which recycled from aluminum dross can be directly used for re-smelting.  The waste of aluminum ash can be used for the raw material of aluminum chloride series purifying agent, also can be used for raw material of electrolytic aluminum. Also can be made the ceramic simple bricks, basic aluminum chloride for water purification, fluxing medium for steel making, filler for road building (dross: lime: sands=17%: 7: 76).
7. The stirrer up & down and rotation can be controlled by electricity automatically, there are double wire ropes to tie the trolley to make sure safety, meanwhile, the trolley which occupies the space is a half of others company machine.
8. One set of HL-900 aluminium hot dross recycling machine need one 20'' container for shipping, net weight is 4.46T.
9. Composition of aluminum dross recycling machine: Heat-proof pot, aluminum dross stirrer, aluminum dross trolley, transmission shaft, transmission device, lifting frame, trolley and control electrical box, small size dust collector, dross tool.
10. Spare part of aluminum dross recycling machine for free: One aluminum dross stirrer, one aluminum dross trolley


In a word, our aluminium hot dross recycling machine is specializied in the aluminium metal recycling from the aluminium dross and ash. We are not only know the dross recycling performance, but also professional in the whole line equipment processes. So we can not only supply you the aluminium dross recycling machine, but also can supply the technical support and available suggestions to help you make a best choice. 

Because this machine structure is simple, for help clients' to save their budget, we will not send our technican to clients' factory to install the machine and commissioning. But we will supply the installation guidance. We have been exported this hot dross recycling machien to Thainland, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, we have rich experience on the oversea technical guidance. We will supply the equipment installation, operation guidance, use the pictures to explain, send it by PDF document. Meanwhile, If you have any doubt, send me video, pictures and describe details, we will show to engineer and give you back the solution. And we will keep on improving our after-sale service system.




Welcome to visit our video of aluminum hot dross recycling machine:



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