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Aluminum extrusion puller

Aluminum extrusion puller
About puller. Many foreign guests visited our Chinese clients factory, they asked me the same question: Judy, why your Chinese client production line no puller? My answers are following: 
1. At China, most of our Chinese clients has at least 5 extrusion lines, Every production line specialized designed by us for their certain aluminum profiles production, even no puller, the extrusion speed is very fast, the output is higher than other competitor production line with puller, so it is unnecessary to adopt puller. 
2. Some clients have puller at the beginning, but after used a certain time, they removed it caused by unstable performance. Chinese clients pursue of stable performance less maintenance rate and high output to increase competitiveness, if the puller can not help them, so they give up.
So when you need to adopt puller?
1. Multi-cavities die extrusion. At foreign countries, many clients use one big model of aluminum extrusion press to produce several model of machine. For example, use 1000T aluminum extrusion press to produce 1000T, 800T, 600T model product. The die is multu-cavities, some is one die for two, three or four pieces of aluminum profile, so this situation need the puller.
2. Thin and ultrathin aluminum profile (but our aluminum extrusion press may not adopt puller), buckle type aluminum profile.
3. Industry aluminum profile
4. High requirement of decorated surface of aluminum profile.

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