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Trouble shooting of bent aluminum billet casting

Trouble shooting of bent aluminum billet casting
Some South America countries client or new inquiriers, they asked for bent aluminum billet rolling machine for straighting or asked me to help them to find some solutions of bent billet. If you are an aluminum foundry, bent aluminum billet will not sell a good price; if you are an aluminum extrusion factory, bent aluminum billet, will not good for aluminum profile extrusion. As we know, aluminum billet casting equipment have different structure equipment and made by different manufacture, for example, aluminum billet casting machine have hydraulic casting machine, there is a long big cylinder placed in the bottom of casting well, the second popular casting machine is windlass casting machine, four steel wire to pulling the casting table up and down. The equipment structure are different, their working theory are different, so now I only can share the trouble shooting of China popular windlass casting machine with hot top casting table:
1. Temperature is too high or water flow is not enough;
2. The dummy block head is not level;
3. The tension force of four steel rope is not same;
4. The aluminum billet layout is too much of too centralized;
5. During aluminum billet casting, people or stuff touches the steel rope;
6. Aluminum billet casting speed is not stable;
7. Casting machine bearings are wore or damaged;
8. If the aluminum billet head bent, you can set the starting casting speed is 75% of normal billet casting speed, after aluminum billet is down about 50mm, reset the speed to normal casting speed. 
9. Four steel rope some are news, some are old, they are not from the same roll of steel rope.
If you know something new trouble shooting, welcome to share here, let's help each!

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