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Aluminum Profile Shot Sand Blasting Machine-Stainless steel Sands

Aluminum Profile Shot Sand Blasting Machine-Stainless steel Sands

Product Abstract:

Aluminum Profile Shot Blasting Machine also is aluminum profile surface sand blasting machine using the stainless steel sands. It used for blasting the aluminum profile surface to obtain dull polish, abrazine finish surface.
Product Description

Automatic Aluminum Profile Shot Sand Blasting Machine-Stainless steel sands

This equipment comes from our cooperation manufacturer

Nowadays, stainless steel sand blasting machine takes place of  glass sand blasting machine because the facture of shot blasting is following:

This aluminum profile shot sand blasting machine adopts static frequency conversion for 360 degree- spraying; the complex and multi-faceted work piece can be finished by one time only. This shot blasting machine is improved through redesigning the structure and replacing important components of old type glass sand blasting machine. The improvements result in a better appearance, higher productivity, easier operation and higher efficiency.

The Feature of aluminum profile shot sand blasting machine:
1.  Spraying guns are independent or row frequency control so that this shot blasting machine meets various requirements of profile surface treatment and reaches the effect requirement by one time only.
2. High efficiency and easy operation and maintenance. The shot blasting machine is controlled by PLC, and able to finish shot blasting process automatically. This shot blasting machine is equipped with the automatic feeding device and sand discharging device, the  interval time of feeding can be shorten 5 seconds.
3. Excellent dust removing effect. This shot blasting machine is equipped with high quality and efficiency dust collector which is the most  advanced dust removing system in China. Usage cost is low.
4. Low maintenance cost and long service life. After years of upgrading, the mechanical structure of this shot blasting machine is more advanced and reasonable. Adopt high quality steel material advanced manufacturing technology to make sure the whole set is firm and stable enough when the machine is running. Meanwhile, the stronger structure of the whole set can prolong the lifespan of this shot blasting machine.

This machine is equipped with three level dust collector for environmental protection and the sands (steel pills) recycled device, and the fixture device for small or tinny aluminum profiles, it is most advanced technology at China.

Technical data of aluminum profile shot sand blasting machine
1. Available specification of aluminum profile: 1000×300mm (W×H)
2. Available height for aluminum profile: 3000~8000mm
3. Shot blasting devices: 8 pieces
4. Feeding speed:6~10m/min (adjustable)
5. Output:10~30 Tons per day based on thickness 1.0mm
6. Steel sands consumption: 0.5~1KG per ton of aluminum profile
7. Power consumption: An average of 18 kilowatt per hour at the normal usage condition.
8. Power of shot blasting devices: 8×4KW
9. Dust removing system: 3KW
10. Lifting system: 3KW
11. Total power: 43KW
12. Main machine size: 4400×2380×5000mm
13. Overall size: 15000×4500×5000mm
14. Output: 10~30T/day (based on 1.00mm thickness aluminum profile)

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