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Aluminum Billet Casting Machine

Aluminum Billet Casting Machine

Product Abstract:

hot top aluminum billet casting equipment

Product Description

Aluminum Billet Casting Machine (hot top)

Casting process: adopt the casting process of the top dense row in the same level, the use of a different mold to produce aluminum rods of different diameter sizes. Different crystallizers will produce different specifications diameter of aluminum billet.

Aluminum Billets casting line: aluminum ingots→aluminum melting furnaces→(aluminum liquid permanent magnet stirrer)→(aluminum hot dross recycling machine)→(inline degassing system)→aluminum billet casting mold(hot top)→(homogeneous furnace)=aluminum billet

The main feature of aluminum billet casting machine

1. Casting type: round billet, square billet and hollow billet

2. Casting quantity of billet: 2~144 pieces

3. Casting billet diamter: 60mm~500mm

4 Crystallizer type: water curtain type, hole type.

5. Aluminum billet casting machine:  steel wire type or hydraulic type 

6. Aluminum billet casting table (mould),  hot top type, air slip type, oil mould type.
7. Aluminum billet casting machine can be equipped with automatic casting system, Casting LED Display for incrasing the production efficiency.

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