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Aluminum Melting Furnace

Aluminum Melting Furnace

Product Description

Aluminum Melting Furnace

The process for melting: the main raw material of aluminum ingots add to the Al-Si alloy ingots then heat and melt it, the melting temperature is 730℃~750℃, then come into next process of mixing, refining and slagging-off.

The feature of aluminum melting furnace

1. Capacity of the aluminum melting furnaces: 3-60Ton, not lmited by furnace shape.

2. Options: It can equipped with the magnetic mixing device at the bottom of the furnace according to your demand and need

3. Features of the furnace: Automatic comtrol, easy to maintain.

4. Combustion system: Direct injection or regenerative

5. Fuel of the aluminum melting furnaces: heavy oil, diesel, natural gas, coal gas

6. Energy saving can reach 30%.

7. Melting aluminum speed can reach 4~6 T/hour

8. Max. temperature can reach 1100℃

9. Improve the working environment to reduce exhaust pollution


Aluminum Billets casting line: aluminum ingots→aluminum melting furnaces→(aluminum liquid permanent magnet stirrer)→(aluminum hot dross recycling machine)→(inline degassing system)→aluminum billet casting mold(hot top)-(Homogeneous furnace) =aluminum billet

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