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Regenerative Burner Lifting Door Aluminium Melting Furnace

Regenerative Burner Lifting Door Aluminium Melting Furnace

Product Abstract:

Regenerative Burner Lifting Door Aluminum Melting Furnace
Product Description

Regenerative Burner Lifting Door Aluminum Melting Furnace

Aluminum melting process:

Ingredients ---forklift loading (or use the automatic feedstock feeding machine) ---start melting furnace regenerative combustion system ---aluminium ingot and foundry return melting ---before loading batch played the slag, slag-off---aluminum billet and foundry return all melting---artificial mixing (electromagnetic stirring) and slag-off---preliminary analysis---melt composition adjustment---add silicon and magnesium, etc ---check analysis---- melt composition adjustment ---refining slag-off----metamorphic processing----degassing (online degasser) ---standing discharge points discharge through the degassing unit, filter box and flute into casting machine (control process temperature and melt quality enter the process ----casting, homogeneous and saw billet, packing and finished product.

Aluminium melting furnace is equipped with two regenerative burner for flaming and heating by turn, then the excess heat energy generated from furnace chamber will be saved to the  refractory fire balls of regenerative burners, so it will be energy saving; this furnace also can be equipped with frequency converter control cabinet for increasing the production efficiency.

The type of aluminum melting furnace: Stationary and tilting

The bottom of aluminum melting furnace can be equipped with the electromagnetic stirrer for increasing the uniformity of aluminum.

Regenerative burner: Efficient combustion from a pair of burner periodic alternately combustion, thus use flue gas heating air, obtains high temperature combustion air. When a burner combustion, gas through another burner, heating the heat storage medium. When the heat storage medium to be heated the burner begin to burn, the original combustion burner begin to suction and discharge flue gas. Combustion air flows through high temperature heat storage medium and be heated. Air preheat temperature can reach combustion flue gas temperature within 300 ° F (149 ° C), and obtain high heating efficiency. The burner heating requirements are different in each stage of each melting time, in order to meet the requirement, the burner control system in range between 20% and 100% adjust burners combustion ability. In this range, the natural gas/air ratio is accurate controlled. Before the converter the heat preservation stage, thermal requirements are low, at this time we can control burner in the state between 20% and closed.

Burning system characters:
The best pipe network and intelligent control system, also with professional technical personnel reasonable debugging, ensures stable and optimum energy saving property. 
The best air-supplying system and air-inducing system, ensures all the smoke being induced by the fan and not going out from the door and burning the door. 
Intelligent control system ensures the system work in best and economic model when the furnace is cold, hot and high temperature. 
Intelligent program controlling ensures operation easy, simple and safe, and against accident due to incorrect operation. 
Full automatic ignition control and monitor system, no need to fire manually and no black smoke dirty the plant. 
Reasonable structural design extends the system service life greatly.
Two pieces of buring mouths work in turn to avoid the heat point keeping in high temperature, and reduce the overfiring.
Higher to around 1000℃ combustion-supporting air enhances the furnace temperature greatly, so reduce the melting time.
Recycling the energy from high temperature smoke decreases the fuel consumption, compared with the old furnace, saves 10%~30% energy. 


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