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Oil Slip Aluminum Billet Casting System

Oil Slip Aluminum Billet Casting System

Product Abstract:

Oil Slip Aluminum Billet Casting System.
Product Description
Oil Slip Aluminum Billet Casting System.
1. Aluminum billet casting machine:
If capacity is smaller 25T, can use winch (windlass casting machine). It can save equipment investment budget.  Certainly, hydraulic casting machine will be better.
If capacity is larger than 25T, must be equipment with hydraulic billet casting machine, can be used inner guide or outer guild type.
2. Available Aluminum billet diameter: 300mm~800mm
3. Introduce details of Oil slip Aluminum billet casting system.
1). Material of steel structure, we adopt low alloy type steel and heavier thickness to make the table frame stronger; screw nuts are SUS304;
2) Accessories are processed by full CNC machine, to instead of labor control, the die can be replaced each other.
3) Casting mold adopt forged Aluminum 6061, full CNC processing and hardness treatment and anodizing treatment. HB≥100.
4) Graphite ring, imported material from Germany, Air permeability:0.3~0.31, we tested every ring strictly at factory, qualified, then assembly in the table. The tester is graphite digital tester.
5) refractory: Can adopt Pyrotek or the material we made.
6) Data of segregation layer
>>Φ500mm round solid billet (6063 aluminum alloy)
Hot top:7~8mm
Oil & air slip:3~4mm
>>Thickness of other alloy series of segregation layer of oil & air slip billet:
6XXX: 3~4mm
7XXX: 6~8mm
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