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Hot Top Aluminum Billet Casting System

Hot Top Aluminum Billet Casting System

Product Abstract:

Hot Top Aluminum Billet Casting System
Product Description

Hot Top Aluminum Billet Casting System

The production process of aluminum billet melting and casting:

Ingredients ---forklift loading (or use the automatic feedstock feeding machine) ---start melting furnace regenerative combustion system ---aluminium ingot and foundry return melting ---before loading batch played the slag, slag-off---aluminum billet and foundry return all melting---artificial mixing (electromagnetic stirring) and slag-off---preliminary analysis---melt composition adjustment---add silicon and magnesium, etc ---check analysis---- melt composition adjustment ---refining slag-off----metamorphic processing----degassing (online degasser) ---standing discharge points discharge through the degassing unit, filter box and flute into casting machine (control process temperature and melt quality enter the process ----aluminum billet casting---aluminum billet homogenizing--- aluminum billet sawing--- packing and finished product stock.

The feature of aluminum billet casting table:

The steel structure of casting table welded by A3 superior carbon steel, cooling water tank adopts round shape pressure boosting structure, the cover plate of water tank can be disassembly, the screw hole is equipment with the sleeve, can be convenience to replace the inner or outer screw (if the installed screw hole of billet mold disassembly too much times, it may damage the screw hole, so this design, only need to replace the screw sleeve, simple operation and easy to maintain quickly, it can extent the working life of equipment and reduce the operator labor).

The feature of new design the aluminum billet casting mold:

The billet mold will surround a stainless steel filter net(optional), it can avoid the cooling water blocking the small water holes during production.it will increase the casting finished rate and billet quality. Meanwhile, this new design will reduce the mold disassembly work, extend the working life of quick-wear part and reduce the production cost and maintenance labor work.

The selection of billet casting control system:

1) Manual type: Manual operation: during casting process, water flow range will be operated by the worker to adjust the flow valve to the right position, casting speed will be controlled by the potentiometer on the operation table.

2)  Automatic operation: download all of technical program through the tough screen, start on the preparation button on the operation table, the equipment system will check every valve position status. After the system is ready, when the aluminum liquid flow into the casting table and reach the casting requirement, start up the button of “start on”, PLC will monitor and regular the whole system according to setting data at the beginning. The flow data measured from the flow meter will switch the current signal to PLC, then PLC will output the signal after calculate the sent flow data and casting speed to pass to flow regulating valve, the valve will adjust the flow range, meanwhile, PLC will output the signal of casting speed regulation to convertor to achieve the casting speed regulation. After the casting start up work finished, the system will cast in smooth speed according to technical program. During casting process, if the aluminum liquid temperature is too high, it will need to change the casting speed, the operator can correct the data on the tough screen. This system will adjust the casting speed and cooling water flow automatically, so it can make sure the billet casting quality. When the casting work is going to finish, the system will adjust the cooling water and casting speed according to the setting data automatically, so that the end of billet can be smooth. After the all casting process completed, the operator can press the button of casting table up, the casting table will lift up quickly and automatically.


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