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Aluminium Billet Homogenizing Furnace

Aluminium Billet Homogenizing Furnace

Product Abstract:

A set of aluminum billet homogenizing furnace includes one unit of homogenizing furnace, one unit of cooling chamber, one unit of aluminum billet charger.
Product Description

Aluminium Billet Homogenizing Furnace

A set of aluminum billet homogenizing furnace includes one unit of homogenizing furnace, one unit of cooling chamber, one unit of aluminum billet charger.

Aluminum billet homogenizing process: 575℃to keep warm 6 hours then cool down quickly.
After homogenization,  aluminum billet quality uniformity. Using the homogeneous aluminum billet, it will be easier to go on the extrusion process and the aluminum profiles surface will be more light and beautiful. Especially the higher requirement of industry aluminum profiles and other higher requirement of aluminum profiles surface treatment, Adopting billet homogenization process is a best choice.
The main feature of homogenization machine
1. Eliminate the internal stress of aluminum billet, reduce the segregation and improve the ductility and reduce the extrusion force.
2. Capacity tonnage: 8~60T
3. Good temperature control effect, the temperature can be controlled ≦±5℃
4. Fuel: diesel oil, nature gas, LPG
5. Cooling type: air cooling, air cooling+ water spray
6. Adopting imported PLC, touch screen control to realize the communication with man and machine, remote maintenance and technical upgrade.
Aluminum billet casting process:
Ingredients ---forklift loading (or use the automatic feedstock feeding machine) ---start melting furnace regenerative combustion system ---aluminium ingot and foundry return melting ---before loading batch played the slag, slag-off (aluminum hot dross recycling machine)---aluminum billet and foundry return all melting---artificial mixing (electromagnetic stirring) and slag-off---preliminary analysis---melt composition adjustment---add silicon and magnesium, etc ---check analysis---- melt composition adjustment ---refining slag-off----metamorphic processing----degassing (online degasser) ---standing discharge points discharge through the degassing unit, filter box and flute into casting machine (control process temperature and melt quality enter the process ----aluminum billet casting----homogenizing--- aluminum billet cutting, packing--- finished product stock.
Finish loading, the aluminum billets are fed into homogenizing furnace by material car. Circular air fan starts to circulate. And the furnace air makes the temperature homogeneous. High speed burners that on the furnace side ignite to heat the furnace air in order to up the billet temperature via air circulating. PLC through automatically control burner on/off, firepower strong or weak to control temperature and temperature-up mode depend on the temperature thermocouple’s signal. There is a heat exchanger on the exhaust pipe, which is used for recycled a part of waste heat to reduce the consumption of natural gas.
To make sure the safety operation of homogenizing furnace, we adopts following technology:
1. Natural gas, compressed air, combustion air pressure detection,
2. Safety blowing before ignition, auto high pressure ignition.
3. Burner burning flame monitoring. Gas / Combustion Air Auto Proportion
4. Safe anti-explosion mouth on the furnace top.
5. Automatically record of six-point furnace temperature. Automatically stop when exceeds the limited temperature.
 The design principle of this homogenizing furnace is that from homogenization technology 580℃ cooling to 100℃ only need 2hours. 6063 alloy must be cool at the rate of 300℃/hour at the high temperature stage of keeping solution condition.
Our homogenizing furnace feacture:
1. Buner capacity is biger, for sure the furnace heat circutation more uniform.
2. Adopt heat exchanger and optimize the sealing, for save energy.
3. Adopt real stainless steel plate, for furnace working durable.
4. For aluminum billet charger, we adopt different steel process, to enough the billet charge stronger enough to ensure that 20 years wont be deformation.
5. After homogenzing process, the aluminum billet quality can reach high stand quality according to the lab inspection. 
The working curve data from our clients:

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